„Dalmatia art“ is a small family business for making and selling souvenirs. The reason we started with making souvenirs is that we wanted to express Dalmatian uniqueness, charm, tradition and show the country that has much to offer and its offer to meet guests of different interests. Wider area of city Tribunj is full of old stone shelters which are located in the vineyards and between olive trees. Tribunj on Croatian language means 3-shelters!
Our main souvenir is Tribunj stone shelters which are replicas of the original stone shelters. We also make replicas of old stone houses. Souvenirs Stone houses and shelters are made partly of stones from the field and partly from Benkovac area. Stone is the second most important material in Croatia, by whom (especially Dalmatia) very well known in the world.
The process of making a souvenir is a laborious and time consuming:
1st selection of appropriate stone in the field
2nd mechanic stone processing, forming stands, breaking small stones
3rd bonding of stone blocks with glue
4th finally decorate the house and the exterior
The process of making a stone houses and shelters lasts about 2 hours without a preliminary treatment of the stone. I should note that all handmade souvenirs require full concentration in manufacturing. On the photographs you can see precision and complexity of stone souvenirs. Whole family participates in the souvenir making.
Each souvenir should tell the story of their country of origin, and give out part of its tradition, culture and charm.
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